This is from me, not my dad. He has no idea that I’m posting this, because he’s in the next room, blissfully unaware that his blog has been hijacked and waiting for food off of the grill.


So, although it seems like I’m incredibly cheap in the video, my dad will appreciate it. Because otherwise, it would have been charged to him, and he would have been paying for his own card. And nobody wants that.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You have awesome skills.


We’ve moved

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Go here to find the latest and greatest…

Blackberry 9000

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I know many of my readers are in love with their iPhones but lack of Exchange support (I know it’s coming) and the virtual keyboard (I have fat thumbs) are both issues for me. Add to that its exclusivity on the AT&T network (dumb, dumb, dumb) and there’s your deal breaker. I have however, found my next phone- the Blackberry 9000. RIM is not promoting it on their website yet but based on this video it looks pretty cool. I am sold on Blackberry’s data package due to my frequent traveling. This will be my fourth Blackberry. I’m so excited!


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Gabrielle, who is our baby, turns five today. I thought about posting one of her pretty Easter pictures but this picture best shows her personality. It was taken last night after church while she had been playing with her Uncle Ken’s dog/climbing the hill of dirt. She is ornery, opinionated, and a spark plug. She is also a gift that we did not plan for but who has made our lives immeasurably richer.

In case you were wondering, here’s how she looks when she is being beautiful.


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Rev. Ken Cook

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It’s slightly after midnight as I put up this post. Like most preachers, I need to wind down after preaching. I didn’t preach tonight but I sure felt like I did. What an awesome week this has been.

We have been in revival with Ken and Julie Cook this week. These are not just any evangelists to me but it is my sister and brother-in-law. They have worked harder than any evangelists I have ever seen; spending north of 10 hours a day on the streets witness to people and inviting them to church.

Today was the culmination of it all with a Community Outreach Service (you can catch the video here). We had over 400 in church today and this week have baptized 25 folks (see many of them here). We are starting several new avenues of outreach (including one for yours truly which I’ll discuss later) and have begun the process of retaining those who have been touched by this week of evangelism.

I’m tired but it’s a good tired. To my pastor friends who read this blog, if you are looking to have an outreach revival, please consider Ken and Julie. Not just because they are my family but because this is their burden and candidly, they are good at it. More updates this week.

My Kids

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My Kids

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I think this is one of my favorite pictures. Charity took it after church on Easter Sunday. I may make this the background for the computer in my office.

Haggis Cart

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Haggis Cart

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If you’re wondering what to have for dinner, here’s an option. It would be dicey to have Haggis from a kitchen but from a street cart? I’m thinking, no.